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We’re a culture of nurturers and understand that most cat-sitting and boarding services don’t address the challenges many cats and cat-owners face when they travel. Cats are by nature, extremely territorial and therefore, strongly attached to their own space. Most cats, even outdoors cats, stay within a two block radius of their homes their whole lives! No wonder they hate leaving the comforts of home turf (for any reason!)

At the Kitty By The Bay, we’ve made it our mission to break down the barriers to consistent, professional cat-care so you never have to board your cat at a kennel ever-again! Say “Goodbye” to the trauma and illness associated with cat-boarding and say, “Hello!” to a new tradition; professional, reliable, convenient at home cat-care.

We guarantee satisfaction and are licensed, insured, and bonded! We go the extra-step and make sure that you get a chance to meet the sitter who will be exclusively caring for your cat and home. That’s right, we keep an eye on your home and property daily and send updates!

With drop-in visits, you can go away unburdened knowing your cat is still very happily snoozing in their favorite sunny window-spot. The sunshine of your life deserves the best – and at Kitty By The Bay, we guarantee they get it!


We Specialize in Cat-Care.


Licensed/ Bonded/ Insured.


100+ Satisfied Customers & Growing!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Service Satisfaction, or Your Money Back!

Benefits of
at-home cat-care

  • Familiar environment
  • No compromising your cats care-routine
  • Daily visit updates
  • We earn your trust by letting you meet your cat-sitter ahead of time
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Advisory for clients

In some cases, activities such as thorough clean-up are deferred until the final day(s) of service.
If clients return before the scheduled date, they may expect to encounter tasks that are incomplete. 
I recycle, rinse cans, put multiple days’ worth of waste in one waste bag, sweep and clean around the litter box.
After service, the home will be returned to initial cleanliness (or better).


Normal business hours are 8:00 AM - 12:00 noon, 6:00 PM -10:00 PM
Communications will be answered as soon as possible, but no later than 48 hours after receipt.
I am NOT “on call.” Emergency or urgent service may not be available. 


For Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, demand is high.
Recommend you schedule your service for those times no later than 1 October.
During specified holidays, services are limited to feeding and litter; there will be no socialization, playing, etc.
This is due to very high volume.
Please confirm dates you’ll be gone before you leave for vacation. Advise me no less than one day before you leave. 


If possible, I will pick up keys. However, clients are responsible for providing keys before dates of service.
Client may mail, FedEx, etc, or make arrangements to deliver keys to me at a specified time.
For vacation/one-time clients, standard key return is to leave them in the home on the last day of service.
For clients with security alarms - I should be advised how to provide ‘stand down’ instructions in case of accidental alarm activation.

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Melissa Bokelman
Registered Veterinary Technician CA License #RVT7289
1241 Funston Ave  San Francisco CA 94122
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1241 Funston Ave 
San Francisco CA 94122
(415) 999-1379  

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